My software

Software and programming tips are available completely free of charge on this website. The page contains programs written in PHP and C# + add-ons languages.

I hope that you will find it useful during your daily work and that it will make it much easier for you to perform your duties. There are software for sending e-mails from the server as well as from the local computer, a programmer editor, an image converter, checksums and finally an API excavation program, software for checking your links on other sites, monitoring your position in the search engine and many more at phpBlueDragon.

Checkout links to Your page from others sites

System is designed to keep track of links to their sites on the Internet. You probably know how important these days are links from other websites to yours. It is mainly thanks to them and appropriately selected and edited content page trunks in Google results. The system allows you to add links to your site and forget about checking every few days if they even exist at all. You receive a letter e-mail sent from the system and anything you do not have to worry about. You no longer have to spend hours checking work that can be done by machine.

Get pozition of Your page in Google search result

Software is designed for reporting and checking the current page rank in the search engine Google for the keywords. Just add the address of your page, enter keywords, and add the appropriate tasks to CRON. The program will automatically search through what you will see at which position in the search results is your site. The system is particularly useful when you order the positioning of our website. You can analyze the results to-date performance of the company’s work, which commissioned the improving website visibility in the search engine.

Send group mail from Me local computer to other servers

System to send bulk e-mails does not have to cost a fortune. I wrote such a system, and I would like to only a small sum of money that will help me in rehabilitation. I do not wish on anyone, anything for free. I can work and do it.
phpBlueDragon LocalMailer system is designed mainly for people who want to send their letters to a large audience without having to send individual letters.

Send e-mail newsletter from server with program

Program was created to the emission of letters the e-mail to the large group of receipts, thanks why one can behind his help realize newsletter. The program installs itself on the external server be internal possessing the suitable software that is the interpreter program of scripts PHP together with the database MySQL.

Check sums generator – MD5, CRC32, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512

Program is designed to generate control sums such as: MD5, CRC32, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512. Thanks to one program you will be able to generate different control sums to the file you want to upload to the Internet.

Email extract from file program

Software designed for the purpose of the choice from the any file of all strings reminding in its composition addresses the e-mail. We choose the file by means of the button Browse, and then we click into the button Search the e-mail.

Extract icon from EXE and DLL files

Tool permitting the extraction from programs EXE icons which the given file contain. We choose by means of the button Browse the program file, then clicked into the button Extract icon and we receive the first icon which contains indicated by us the file.

Generate safe password with one click

Tool helping in generating of the difficult, random password from among signs chosen by the user. User can choose groups of capital letters, lower-case letters, figures, the sign of the minus, the underscore character, the space, the special character and parentheses.

Convert image to other format i program – How to do it wholesale

Program whose task is the change of extensions of display files. Often in my career I get data given the mailing and are found there files which cannot be augmented the program of the sender of the message. It will be enough to add files or the entire folder, then to choose the extension and the folder of approach.

Editor text files like PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL, XML, JavaScript and others

phpBlueDragon Editor is very fast and lightweight operating system software that allows you to edit files used for presentation of content on the web. With it you can create, among other things PHP files, HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, and all kinds of text files.

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