My name is Lucas and I have a question. Will you support me in the fight against brain tumor?

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I am Luke and I need help.

I was a promising electronics and computer science major. Unfortunately, but in the process of studying I stopped seeing in one eye. I was referred to the hospital where I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which had to be operated on as soon as possible because it threatened my life. I was operated on, but after the surgery I am disabled to a significant degree granted for the rest of my life (Municipal Disability Assessment Board). I have a drooping of one eyelid along with impaired vision in my left eye (blindness), impaired vision in my right eye, facial nerve palsy, weakness in the right side of my body, I was found to have a diseased small intestine (Celiac Disease), constant and severe headaches for which the usual painkillers no longer help. I have to take opioids, which I take more and more to win over the pain. I go regularly to my family doctor, neurologist, neurosurgeon, oncologist, speech therapist, psychiatrist and to the Pain Treatment Clinic. The Pain Treatment Clinic has only adjusted the right amount of opioids for me to help me overcome my headache. You know how hard it is if you don\'t get an appointment with a specialist. You can then sign up again in about 6-9 months. At that time, you have to go to a private doctor who will write me a prescription for only 2 (two) months at a high price. I wonder why I pay a health premium when it is impossible to use the public health service.

In addition, other diseases such as celiac disease and epilepsy, for which I have to take medication for the rest of my life, have added to the problem. Unfortunately, these medications make me feel bad and, combined with opioids, cause temporary memory loss with the knowledge I have already gained.

Immediately after my first surgery, I was taken to the Cancer Center where the remnants of the tumor were irradiated. My happiness lasted four years. Later, the tumor started growing back again. I thought I was about to faint during the discovery of my cancer recurrence in the middle of my brain. I began to get faint, my vision was duplicated and I felt no strength in my arms and legs. With great difficulty, I underwent another procedure to remove the cancer recurrence from my head.

I am currently facing numerous disabilities, and the doctor is surprised that I am able to work despite my health problem. UPDATE: at present, unfortunately, but I am no longer able to work full-time.

I worked while I was still studying to help my mother. On the other hand, after the operation, I worked as an IT specialist, a person responsible for programming websites. The occupation was very useful for me because it allowed me to expand my knowledge and partially forget about the disease. Unfortunately, but with my deteriorating health, I had to give up this job and move to the Vocational Activity Center, where I helped assemble items from hospitals (sheets, quilts, blankets, clothes) and other companies. The job was a replacement for the absence of a person who went on maternity leave. I am currently unemployed, due to Labor Medicine. Despite finding a company willing to hire me on a part-time basis, unfortunately but I did not pass the tests. Everything worsened with epilepsy.

So I decided not to sit idle and write software to be used more and more by people from all over the world. All the software is available under FREEWARE (free) and GPL (OpenSource) licenses. I spend all my free time writing it and improving the features, fixing reported bugs, and recognizing what kind of software users want. However, in order to do this I need money for medication, diet and life. Completely mundane elements limit me. Among other things, it is paying the bills (water, electricity, garbage), buying food, because of my celiac disease it is very expensive, I need to buy wood, coal. I replaced the central heating stove thanks to you for which I thank you very much. In addition, medicines, which are cheap thanks to the lump sum, but in the quantities I buy they devour a huge part of my household budget. In addition, I get prescriptions for drugs that do not have a discount and one pack can cost more than PLN 100. I try to keep the bills as low as possible.

My father has not paid alimony either in the past and evades it until now by not allowing me to buy the rehabilitation equipment I need. If it were not for the bailiff I would have absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, but the bailiff first has to collect his own payment for servicing the father\'s debt to his son!

My studies have not even started, due to brain cancer I was not able to pass my high school diploma.

I currently have a memory problem and severe headaches. The doctor informed me that unfortunately, but after removing a tumor the size of a folded fist, it will be like this. I get special prescription painkillers, which fortunately help me, however, after taking them I feel a little "muddled".

I live in a house that is more than 100 years old, where I have to burn in the central heating stove located in the kitchen. I have to bring coal from the basement. Unfortunately, but I can\'t afford to change the heating. The stove sometimes gives off chad and smoke. A few years ago, I almost ended up in the hospital due to a neighbor who smoked in the stove despite the lack of permission from the rest of the neighbors to use the chimney. In the winter, I have to get up early in the morning and light the stove even though I\'m shivering from the cold. I will always do this for the sake of my elderly mother. I don\'t want her to have to get up before the sun rises in the sky because of my mother\'s age. She herself needs help.

The family lives as if in another life. Apart from Uncle Janek and his family, no one wants to help me. One of Mom\'s sisters bequeathed her inheritance to her other sister even though she told us that it would go to us to improve our condition by being able to live in an apartment heated by the city company. When my aunt was dying she called my mother and begged her to forgive her for what she had done. She kept asking for forgiveness and forgiveness. Mom, as a person with a good attitude towards people and especially towards her own family, forgave her and in response was told that her sister could now pass away in peace. My cousin Halina is a nurse, but I didn\'t have a single bit of help from her when I was sick, even though her son was taught by me and my mother because my cousin couldn\'t handle his education. When I had a request to my cousin to ask the doctor for his opinion on an expensive drug I was supposed to buy, unfortunately there was no response. And so I live, or rather vegetate. From one headache to another. I can\'t even count on help in my family, because everyone is busy only with their own lives. I beg at least you, strangers for help. In today\'s world, the only thing that matters is: "I". This world is not for people who need help from others.

If you would like to help me with even a minimal amount I will be very grateful.

I present to you the results of the last magnetic resonance (MR) of my head.

MRI of the head