Send e-mail newsletter from server with program

Program was created to the emission of letters the e-mail to the large group of receipts, thanks why one can behind his help realize newsletter. The program installs itself on the external server be internal possessing the suitable software that is the interpreter program of scripts PHP together with the database MySQL.

  • The easy creation of new messages – not different yourself with like from the elaboration of the usual letter the e-mail
  • Create it by means of the built-in editor HTML with the built-in explorator of files
  • The easy integration with Your pattern which you will choose
  • The management with grouped addresses the e-mail and the definition of additional data
  • The possibility of the emission on the unlimited number of e-mails
  • Know who and from which address opened the message the e-mail, and in addition about the what’s the time
  • You do not have time on the seat and the emission of the message, the server will make this you
  • Want to send a message for You when it will not be you in the company, simply plan the task, and itself system will perform surgery
  • The possibility of the emission from the unlimited quantity of mail accounts

I wrote him particularly for private persons and companies. The decision I took due to several very important elements. The company can have her own server or bought up account, what at the today’s requirement of the possession of websites is almost sure. Being supposed such server, will be enough to install the software and one can send letters the e-mail.  This gives gigantic savings in relation to the buyout of packets on pages which deal with such type with services. At the emission newsletter the for once on week-days we will save several hundred dollars/euro.

Often servers sending a message are treated as senders of the spam. Across this the letter the e-mail can reach to the recipient, but to be acknowledged as the spam and to hit to the folder whose user hardly ever does not check. A second option is the rejection of the letter the e-mail from through the server of taking due to this that the server of the sender happened upon the black list. Very important is, so that the message reach to receptions, due to contained in her the communication, the information or the request.

Sending her message from servers of companies offering newsletter becoming to their footer stuck on own information that the e-mail was sent across this system. In case of companies respecting of his clients, this will be not very pleasantly seen.

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Following is the data privacy, that is addresses the e-mail of clients should have pure and simple which company served to them or else sells goods. Not very reasonable is entrusting of these addresses, and even personal data credited to them to other company in which all the time it will be necessary to check regulations, whether by chance did not enter any changes. In one of companies of the person from her list began to write the e-mail, why receive publicities from other producer with own with data address. It turned out that the service provider testifying the emission newsletter changed regulations, and all data defined in the system passed automatically to third companies within the framework of contracts about the cooperation. The company is not glad already with the trust of clients, due to „the leakage” of their particulars.

I propose the software thanks to what you will be able to send a message together with attachments and display files maintained on Your server. Available is the option of the inspection of logs from the emission, and also the system of the tracking of the message. Thanks to this you will know whether your letter the e-mail reached to the recipient, to recognize the exact hour and the address IP from which this message was read. The possibility of the creation, the edition and the removal of groups containing addresses the e-mail together with a dozen or so fields intended on the additional information. Importing of addresses the e-mail will permit to save the time, instead of entering manual, one after the other. Thanks to the option of the export, one will be able to in the easy way to create himself the backup copy of own data. Defining of the unlimited number of accounts to the shipment, will cause that from one installation of the program one can send letters from the unlimited number of senders. Additionally in the system signatures are found under the message body, a possibility of the addition of new users and configurational options of the program.

In case of the possession on the server CRON, one will be able to place the message, so that it begin the shipment of the determined day and about the determined time. Solution permits automatizing of the emission of letters, so that they be sent in the future without the need of remembering about this fact.

The software is available in two options of the free version and the payable version. The choice of the version depends on demands of the company.

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